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"What happens when you stop?"

This is pretty much the main question everybody asks when they see the bike! So the answer in a nutshell is if there isn't one of my mates, a tree... or basically anything sturdy to lean against i fall down!  Now this sounds kinda sucky but once you've stopped you're obviously not moving so it's only really toppling over, something I can bet anyone who's ever tried clipless pedals has experienced at one point... or you will do trust me! haha. Once I realised that my elbow and the dirt were about to start an on going intimate relationship it was time to start thinking about protection. Nobody wants to end up with a nasty infection caused by close intimate dirty encounters now...

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Can’t Quit - Mojo Nicolai Geometron (Electron)

The morning that Martyn Ashton’s “Back on track” edit went live my phone went crazy with people sending me links and asking whether I’d seen it or not.    I remember sitting on the end of my bed watching it over and over and over again, my girlfriend crying all while i was thinking “where the hell do I get a sit ski seat from?!” - followed by “bollocks I've just sold the Santa Cruz!”  The buzz of just getting to look at potential new bikes again as I scoured eBay was amazing - we all know looking at shiny new bikes/bits is almost as much fun as riding them.  After spotting a potential Orange 324 DH bike and sourcing...

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