About us

"It's not about how you fall but about how you get back up"

When life knocks you down you've got two choices. 


1. Quit and let life win.

2. Refuse to quit, get back up. Dust yourself off. Decide to rewrite the rules and create your own game.



A twist of fate one night in 2014 left me paralysed after a 20ft fall. Fast forward through 10 months in hospital, a couple awesome friends pulled together their awesome friends and hosted a full day and night event to help me get (metaphorically) back on my feet.


After such an inspiring day of biking, haircuts, auctioning and laughter - 'Can't Quit' was officially born.


A Brand. A Passion. A Cause. 


A brand of clothing that inspires it's wearers to never quit. To create their own game, no matter what hand they are dealt.


Clothing that's created and designed with passion, positive vibes, and traditional yet original artwork focused on Never Quiting : Ink, rock, bikes and good times. 


A clothing brand that's working towards building a platform to help even more people in the future who have had a spinal cord injury get back on their (metaphorical) feet. 








North West Barber Co.

Founded on traditional values in 2013, NWBC respect the history of barbering and it's significance in the modern age. The barbers strive to bring the enjoyment back to what has become a chore for most men. The shop represents the barbers that work there, and there are a lot of personal touches to the shop which make it a very welcoming and homely place for people to visit. A lot of barbershops have lost the welcoming atmosphere that allows gents to want to get their hair cut, but this is not the case at NWBC. The atmosphere at NWBC is very social. Every one is welcome, and everyone gets along. The shop is a place to exchange stories and experiences, as opposed to just getting your hair cut.


Great Rock

Ed has been riding mountain bikes for about 20 years. Over this time the bikes have progressed and so has the way we ride them and the trails we ride. Like many other ordinary mountain bikers he’s progressed along with this. He’s got a good eye for spotting what people need to do to improve their riding up to the next level, because he’s been there and done it himself. Ed has run Great Rock for 5 years now. Also trousers made in Hebden Bridge @hebtroco


The Weird & Wonderful

The Weird & Wonderful is a Antiques & Natural History store specialising in a wide range of quality items from around the world. 

We focus on cultural education and sustainability and believe the sole purpose of collecting natural history or antiques should be to preserve the beauty of nature and historical times.


White No Sugar Productions

As well as selling hooded tops and t-shirts, Whitenosugar Productions is an independent production company specialising in extreme sports, travel and documentary filmmaking.

While still producing full length features, corporates, and commercials we pride ourselves on producing high end web edits often with same day turnaround.

Our fresh and dynamic approach to filmmaking keeps us at the forefront of extreme sports and travel entertainment.


Slik Graphics

In 2007 Slik Graphics was established to provide a custom decal and graphics service to mountain bikers all over the world. Our aim was simple; to design and produce the highest quality decals that we would be proud to have on our own bikes. That aim continues to this day and we are always testing new materials, production methods and investing in new equipment to stay on top of our game. In October 2012 Slik Graphics moved, along with it's owner, to Sweden where we will continue to provide the cycling world with high quality, mail order decals.

So whether you’re a weekend warrior, a privateer or a race team manager, Slik Graphics has a product for you. We can supply a custom one-off graphics kit for a bike build or a trade show special, right up to high quality production decal kits in large quantities. We also offer a full race team design solution including bike decals, jersey design, rider I.D., vehicle graphics, banners and paddock solutions and finally helmet wraps.



The year was 2013, deep in the darkest corner of the wilderness that they call the North West of England, there once roamed a wild, bearded beast.

He had been shunned by all those around him, driven out of the village by the townsfolk because of his rugged looks and dynamite facial hair. Forced to live in the caves, his only comforts were a tattoo gun and an old copy of razzle, both left to him by a passing chimpanzee by the name of Simon (funny name for a chimpanzee, we know!)He wore a top hat and left shrouded in pipe smoke. 

The seasons came and went, the leaves fell from the trees and the women folk stopped wearing bikinis (not because of the beast - it's just a bit nippy up North). One particularly frosty morning in November a strapping, well groomed carpenter was out on the morning search for logs. A howling wind blew through the forest bringing ice and snow, blinded by the storm he started his search for sanctuary. Stumbling unknown upon the beast's lair he entered to escape the plummeting temperatures.

'Who dares interrupt my slumber!' roared the wild beast

'I am but a humble man sheltering from the winds' called back the carpenter as he strained his eyes in the darkness.

A deathly silence followed ... 'Do you like razzle and tattoos?' questioned the beast.

The carpenter was shocked ... after carpentry these were his two favourite past times.

By the crackling fires glow an unusual friendship was forged between man and beast ..... and MISUNDERWOOD was born.