"What happens when you stop?"

This is pretty much the main question everybody asks when they see the bike!
So the answer in a nutshell is if there isn't one of my mates, a tree... or basically anything sturdy to lean against i fall down!  Now this sounds kinda sucky but once you've stopped you're obviously not moving so it's only really toppling over, something I can bet anyone who's ever tried clipless pedals has experienced at one point... or you will do trust me! haha.
Once I realised that my elbow and the dirt were about to start an on going intimate relationship it was time to start thinking about protection. Nobody wants to end up with a nasty infection caused by close intimate dirty encounters now do they!
A quick chat with the awesome guys at 7Protection and it was decided hardshell was the way to go as if ended up landing on a sharp edge on my elbow then bye bye elbow! Step up the INDEX Elbow, 7iDP's hardshell elbow pad which is super comfortable and has passed plenty intimate dirt encounters unscathed so far. 
*well most of the time it's 'just toppling over'
If you've seen the pictures of me riding then you've probably thought to yourself "why the funk is he wearing knee pads??!" Well... After my elbow and hips (which are safely protected by the sitski seat) the next thing to grace dirt is my legs. The Flex Knee Shin wraps nicely around my knee and shin giving it plenty of lateral protection and support, the way it wraps also makes it so much easier to take on and off rather the sliding something on. 
Ive also found another great use for the Flex Knee Shin, something i'm not sure was exactly in the designers minds but helps my rehab loads :D
*need more practice crawling to beat kitty!
I also use the Control Suit because lets face it one spinal injury is enough! Its actually that comfy you don't notice it on which coming from someone who used to HATE wearing body armour is high praise indeed.
Would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to the guys at 7Protection for helping me out and keeping me safe. If you are after some pads give them a look if not for the quality, great design, fact they are from the uk then because my elbows said so!
Oh and Steve Pete wears them so you know they are good!!